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Episode Summary

Thank you for visiting FE Voices. Our first episode will be available from 8am on Tuesday 21st March 2023. We hope you enjoy it. The series is hosted by Arv Kaushal, the College Group’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, and created to amplify diverse voices on a number of key topics within the EDI sector.

Episode Notes

Our position as an FE college in Milton Keynes, England’s newest city with both significant pockets of deprivation, affluence and an incredibly diverse community, puts us in a strong position to bring different voices to some of the key debates in our society. 

This series will focus on racial justice, an issue in the news across the world and an unfortunate battleground for those seeking to capitalise on division within our society. The series will consist of five episodes, featuring conversations with a number of different guests from within the College Group itself, from the local business community and from the education sector.

Our guests will share their experiences, highlight what racial justice means to them, identify priorities and resources that will make a difference and empower the listener to support meaningful change.